Profitable Lay Betting

If your fed up losing cash backing horses to win, then you may want to try to make profits with laying selections to lose, if this is the case, then can help you make cash with your lay betting

Below you will find some profitable, reliable and more importantly, genuine lay tipping services and systems that will help to make you profits with your lay betting.

LayerOfProfit:            Lay Tips Service.

You can make great profits from lay betting with the correct selections, and the LayerOfProfit service has been making subscribers cash from lay betting now for over a year, with some months making over 10 points after commission, with just the one selection each day, with maximum lay odds of just 4.0. If you have a betting portfolio then you’re not going to go wrong adding the layerofprofit service to it. The Layer Of Profit service has been reviewed by some of the best review sites and ranks well on their websites. And with just a 20 point betting bank you will double your betting bank quickly here with profitable level stakes lay tips.

Between May and August 2012 the LayerOfProfit service has made over 40 points level stakes – Doubling advised betting bank twice

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TheLowLay:             Lay Tips Service.

TheLowLay is a lay tips service that still has got subscribers from day one and is over 3 years old, the service has now re-opened the doors again for you to subscribe. TheLowLay is an ideal service to add to your betting portfolio with one lay bet a day with maximum lay odds of 3.0. TheLowLay will send you one email a day with advised selection and maximum advised lay betting odds, this will always arrive in your inbox before 12pm. And just a 20 point betting bank advised that can double with in just a few months betting.

You could even get away with a 15 point betting bank here as the average odds is much lower than with This service has made over 15 point in the last 6 weeks alone date ending August 28th 2012.

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Profitable Lay Betting Tips

Fancy Fillies         Lay System

This Fancy Fillies system has produced over £44,000 profit (results Listed) over the last six years!

Take a little known fact from the racing world, add a mathematically proven calculation and in just 15 minutes a day working from the comfort of your own home you will earn a profitable income!

The Fancy Fillies Lay Tips Service

Profitable Lay Systems

False Favourites:            Lay System.

One of the best and well known lay systems is False Favourites, If you’re looking to learn how to find and bet your own lay selections the you must check out the ever popular False Favourite By Jonathan Burgess.

False Favourites



Racing Secrets Exposed:           Lay System And Tips.

Another top lay system sold is Racing Secrets Exposed, this service also offers a tips service just to make life easier for you saving you lots of time by having to find your own selections.

The Racing Secrets Exposed Lay System


Beaumonts Bets            Profitable Tips Service

Your going to need a couple of hours every day for this service, but the rewards are well worth the effort, this service is not going to be good for those who like a select approach to profiting, but if you have the time then your going to love profiting with Beaumonts Bets.

Check out the “Is This For You” Page for more details of this very profitable tips service.

Beaumonts Bets


The Racing Index:           Betting Tips League Table.

When looking for good lay services, the Racing Index is a place you must check out, here is where all the tipsters that believe they can make you profits proof their selections.

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If you are new to gambling, you can get a free lifetime system from Puntology, who also offer a 12 month Professional Gamblers Course sending you weekly lessons to help you become a profitable punter. Professional Gambler Home Study Course, Offers Free Lifetime System

Or even better, use a service that has already found the profitable services below with the secret betting club.

The Secret Betting Club:           Sports Betting Club.

When looking to make long term profits, The Secret Betting Club is a must. With The Secret Betting Club, Any service they recommend will have been proofed for more than a year. This service will save you time and money when looking to make long term profits by directing you to only the better services online that they proof.

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If you have a lay tips service, let us proof your selections for at least three months, if the profits are good enough and we are happy to add it to our own betting portfolio, we will list your service here, and on a few other sports betting related websites.

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